The Honda Motor Co is planning to increase their electric vehicle, and fuel-cell lineup, while also completely phasing out their gasoline vehicles in North America by 2040 – according to Toshihiro Mibe, President, CEO and Representative Director.

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Above:  The New Honda SUV e: prototype revealed at Auto Shanghai 2021
Speaking at a news conference last Friday (April 23), Toshihiro Mibe said:   "I believe it is the responsibility of an automaker to achieve our carbon-free goal on a 'tank-to-wheel' basis."    Toshihiro Mibe expects battery (or fuel-cell powered) Honda’s will account for 40% of all North American vehicle sales by 2030, while 80% of all Honda vehicles sold in North America will be battery-electric (or fuel-cell powered) by 2035.  In addition, Honda also plans to be selling electric (or fuel-cell vehicles) by 2040 – entirely in China and Japan.  Fuel cell electric vehicles are powered by hydrogen, emitting only water vapor and warm air – producing no tailpipe emissions.   
The plan for increasing Honda’s EV lineup will involve a new electric-vehicle platform to be build, along with developing hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, in collaboration with General Motors, who have also set 2035 as their goal for making the vast majority of their vehicles electric.
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